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Andorra’s luxury fashion boutique, GALLERY, has a new visual identity

1 Dec 2016
<h1>Andorra’s luxury fashion boutique, GALLERY, has a new visual identity</h1>

The luxury fashion boutique Gallery’s owners wanted to revamp Andorra la Vella’s shopping experience by dedicating time towards the innovation of their corporate website in order to present their clients with a clear representation of the Gallery boutique.

Shop luxury fashion online with a site that reflects Andorra la Vella’s upscale shopping boutique

Gallery’s true essence

The first step in this project was completed a few months ago when our brand-new corporate website was launched. The next step was coalescing the vision its owners, Sonia and Robert Cassigny, have for their luxury fashion boutique and presenting it to a worldwide audience through their corporate website.

The luxury fashion boutique corporate site includes the following::

- A presentation of their Andorra la Vella shopping boutique, located on Avenue Mertixell, including details about the countless services they provide and the diverse themed-spaces present

- In-depth details about the designer brands available for less, at Andorra’s duty-free prices, which were carefully handpicked by Sonia.

- Up-to-date information about upcoming events organized by Gallery’s expert team

- A stunning selection of photographs and videos documenting the events that take place at the Gallery luxury fashion boutique

- Monthly articles about the latest trends in fashion

Revel in a relaxing shopping break at the Gallery Comptoir

With the aim of fully satisfying each and every one of their customers, the shopping boutique in Andorra la Vella underwent some exciting renovations and the Gallery Comptoir was born. Gallery Comptoir is a newly added [annex to the luxury fashion boutique. This lounge area allows clients to take a break without needing to search out the nearest café. Clients are presented with a wide array of fine beverages, including organic herbal teas, refreshing Moscato wine or a flute of Champagne.

Shop luxury fashion online: bringing Gallery’s Andorran shopping experience to a worldwide audience

Purachase exclusive designer brands for less online at Andorra’s tax-free prices

Gallery’s latest innovation makes shopping luxury fashion online simple with its e-shop/e-book, which is a true reflection of our corporate site’s visual identity. This luxury fashion e-shop provides our clients with a touch of Gallery’s in-store experience through a stunning new digital format. This website’s aim is to showcase all of the high fashion brands available in our Andorran boutique on a seamless online shopping interface, allowing you to shop luxury fashion online. You can also opt to reserve your favorite articles for in-store pick-up. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be able to benefit from Andorra’s unbelievably low General Indirect Tax (IGI) at 4.5%!

2017’s upcoming events: Sign up for our luxury fashion boutique updates with Gallery’s newsletter

Our new visual identity will be accompanied by exciting new events that will take place throughout 2017. We have organized several events and presentations for our clients to indulge in that will be discussed in future articles. You can visit our website for updates about upcoming events or simply sign up for our newsletter to receive e-mails about events and promotions, allowing you to shop designer names for less online at Andorra’s unbeatable prices.

Gallery’s ultimate goal is to share our love of the multi-faceted fashion world with as many individuals as possible. Gallery is your go-to contemporary fashion store in Andorra, your seamless online shopping platform and your moment of pure indulgence!